Doubt is a superpower. Learn how to unlock it.

Do you doubt yourself? Your business? Your potential?

Join Richard Mulholland, renowned entrepreneur and public speaker, for the first IFSA Prosperity Session on the 10th of February at 3:30pm (CAT).

Learn how to use doubt to your benefit. Hosted by Frikkie van Loggerenberg, CEO of IFSA Private Equity.

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What will you get out of this IFSA Prosperity Session?


Access niche knowledge

Tap into expert wisdom with thought leader Richard Mulholland (Missing Link).


Learn new practical tips

Take home real methods for using doubt to your advantage in various settings 



Unlock smarter strategies

Embracing doubt leads to critical thinking, which in turn leads to smarter investment strategies. 


Upskill your thinking

Learn how to make the shift to a prosperity mindset.


Identify better investments

When is it a good time to invest? How do you identify a smart investment opportunity? By the time you feel certain, it's too late. 


Optimise best practices

As soon as best practice becomes comfortable, it's already outdated. 


“Every time a year draws to a close, a new one gets ready to take its place. Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions, strategising for the year ahead, or simply reflecting on the year gone by – doubt is never far away. Learn how to look at prosperity differently.”

Frikkie Van Loggerenberg (IFSA Private Equity CEO)